StandAlone Feed Supplement

7aa5b__photo-723200There are a number of show animal supplements on the market. StandAlone Feed Supplement is one that we recommend at All Around Feed and Vet.  StandAlone is formulated with key nutrients with a unique blend of multiple source protein and vegetable oil, which combines to promote microbial growth and improve digestion. The yeast products included have been developed to bind up harmful bacteria, ensuring a healthy digestive environment to keep animals on feed and converting feed to muscle and fat. Another benefit of these yeast products is cell replication, which may help reduce stress, increase immune response, fertility and overall development. The combination of 100% organic trace minerals and rumen protected vitamins benefits joint and hoof health, hair growth and quality, skin quality, and overall animal health. Today’s genetics are superior and the importance on nutritional requirements has grown. Help your animals reach their genetic potential and take a look at StandAlone for your supplement of choice.

Available at All Around Feed and Vet.


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