Look For Signs Of Back Pain In Your Horse

Vet In Discussion With Horse OwnerIt is not uncommon for horses to have a sore back, but it can be difficult to detect In a recent study, caretakers estimated that less than 12% of horses at various equestrian centers had back pain. Upon further investigation, nearly 50% of these horses suffered from back pain.

Back pain will usually lead to behavioral signs—in particular, aggression—that should alert owners and caretakers of a problem.

Although it’s hard to recognize physical signs of back pain, owners and caretakers can be on the lookout for behavioral signs. The horse’s posture is important to watch. Recent study results have revealed that many horses with back pain tend to adopt a concave posture or high-neck posture at rest, rather than low and rounded.

Owners should also be on the lookout for grumpy horses, as chronic pain can lead to an aggressive attitude, she added. “Horses aren’t born aggressive; in general, they become aggressive over time when something is wrong,” said Lesimple.

Riders can also take a close look at their riding techniques, she added. “If we’re blocking a horse in a high-neck position during training, or forcing his nose into his chest, the back cannot function correctly, and there’s a strong possibility that this will lead to vertebral or musculoskeletal disorder and to pain in the back.”


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