Lickety Stik Treats Available at All Around Feed and Vet

Lickety Stik Dog TreatsLickety Stik™ is a fun, new way to provide a healthy, all-natural treat for your dog.

With over 500 licks per bottle, Lickety Stik™ is an easy alternative to high-fat, messy dog treats. Just 1 calorie in every 10 licks!

You get the ease of on-the-spot delivery and your dog gets all the benefits and nutrition of this unique treat. Whether you have a puppy, middle-aged or senior dog, Lickety Stik is perfect for all ages.

Pop Lickety Stik™ in your pocket and take it anywhere. Just shake the bottle, remove the lid and hold it out to give your dog a tasty treat. It’s that easy!

Lickety Stik is a great reward during training or just because you want to show your dog how special they are.

It is a treat-to-go in a rollerball container that delivers just the right amount of delicious taste your dog will love! So go on. Why not give them something tastier to lick?!


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