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Spay or Neuter Slider

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Drive Thru Feed Pickup

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Dog Myth #8

Dog Myth #8: When dog lick themselves it is healing. It is natural for a dog to lick its wound but this not necessarily always “healing.” Too much ... read more

Dog Myth #7

Myth #7: Dogs that are mostly indoors don’t need heartworm prevention. This is not true. Indoor pets are also at risk for heartworm disease. Heartworm disease is ... read more

Dog Myth 6

Myth No. 6: An excited dog is happy to see you. “It’s very easy to come home to a dog that is jumping, running around, or spinning ... read more

Dog Myth #5

Myth No. 5: You should feed your dog according to the label instructions. The label is just a starting point. “An extremely active dog or one with a ... read more

Dog Myth #4

Myth No. 4: Dogs can’t digest grains. “Contrary to popular belief, dogs’ digestive systems are quite robust,” says Hunter. Corn, rice, and beets aren’t just filler. ... read more

Dog Myth #3

Myth No. 3: Raw meat is the best diet for dogs. This may sound good in theory. But the reality is it’s an unbalanced diet that can ... read more

Dog Myth #2

Myth No. 2: A dog’s mouth is clean and sterile. Not even close. Just think about where that mouth has been. Most dogs “are willing to lick ... read more

Dog Myth #1

Myth No. 1: A warm, dry nose signals a fever. The temperature and moistness of your dog’s nose has nothing to do with his health. The only ... read more